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Hello guys, it’s been a while!
Well, due to this and that im announcing a position of all-around release guy.
You should have fast enough internet for uploading stuff; a main thing to do is to ask everybody where the hell is —>insert the needed part here<---, muxing WATCHING and uploading releases.
I suppose 10 mbit/s should be enough, so lets call it a minimum required.

UPD by chapt: In short, we could have released 9-12 if only Adenozin from THORA was around. But he’s absent. We decided we’d release the eps with some other BD raws in the meanwhile, but due to Alva’s moving 12’000 km to another city he’s now browsing the net from his pocket calculator or something, and can no longer release things. Thus the request.

UPD by Alva: Thanks guys, position taken.


Not recruiting anymore: timer, editor

Hi guys. It seems we’re in a (desperate 😉 need of able editors and timer. Editing means reading the translation, paraphrasing anything that sounds bad, clarifying anything that’s not clear enough, consulting with translators when you have doubts about changing the line, fixing mistakes and typos and so on. This is not as easy as it might look like, and it actually requires sufficient work on your side (it’s not just “yeah, I’ve read it and understood almost everything, it’s good to go”). Timing implies at least rough timing, fine timing optionally, typesetting not required (we have an excellent typesetter, Tai, already).

The only quality we look for, aside from being able to do what’s written above, is the ability and will to work and get the episodes done.

UPD: Though non-natives with perfect knowledge of english are theoretically fine too, you’ll probably have to try hard to convince us in your skills. (If you have an experience of working as editor in another group, for example, that’s a different story). Native speakers are preferable.

If you want to join us, come to (you’ll need a jabber-supporting client, such as psi or miranda, and an account on any jabber server, not necessarily
Alternatively: (IRC).

UPDUPD. Positions closed. Thanks for suggestions. If you’re a good editor and wish to apply, it’s still fine though.