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Bakemonogatari vol. 6 Released!!!


Final volume torrent includes:
– Episodes 14 and 15 (1080p)
– Audio commentaries for volume episodes (FLAC)
– Bakemonogatari official trailer (1080p)
– Creditless opening of 14th episode (1080p)
– Creditless ending of 15th episode (1080p)
– Scans, scans, scans

Yay, I can finally watch this show now.

UPD by roa-kun: volumes 4 – 6 are now avaliable via XDCC! Check out II|tsuntsun on our channel.
Well, apparently arutha went off business, which is a pity. So there is no more XDCC…

UPD2: I don’t know, how long it’s going to last, but here are DDL links for episodes (megaupload):
…and literally, no more megaupload.

It’s rather sad, I’m starting to feel like last man on the deck of a sinking ship. But torrents are still there, you know, the only problem being low amount of seeders.

There wasn’t any activity here for a long time, so, if anyone needs BD episodes of BMG, starting from 9, or bonus stuff, just contact me, let’s call it upload on demand.



Bakemonogatari vol.5 Released!

And so, after so many weeks since our release of volume four, it’s here, finally (or would it be more accurate to say “at least”, instead?). Here is direct link for most impatient.

So, volume five includes:
– Episodes 11-13 (all in 1080p)
– Audio commentaries for episodes 11-13 (in *.flac)
– TV Previews for episodes 11 and 12 (1080p)
– Creditless ending of volume episodes (1080p)
– Scans, scans, scans

Many thanks to everyone, who was waiting for this, I hope you like it.
We’ll try to release last volume (eps 14 + 15) as fast as possible.

Tai: ^ ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \ ^
Ok, continue.

P.S. Our irc bot crashed and burned, so no XDCC for now, sorry.



Bakemonogatari vol.4 Released!

It’s not like we’re subbing BMG for you! ⊙_⊕
Volume 4 torrent includes:
episode 09 (1080p)
episode 10 (1080p)
audio commentary for ep09
audio commentary for ep10
TV Preview for ep09 (1080p)
TV Preview for ep10 (1080p)
Creditless Nadeko OP [with hat] (1080p)
Creditless Nadeko OP [wthout hat] (1080p)

Volume 5 (eps 11-13) is coming soon.
Good fair job …just… good thing we’ve released it already, roa-kun.



Bakemonogatari 15 Released!

Well, I bought a time-machine, so I’ve decided to release this one. Ep14&13 coming soon. Regarding BD releases with THORA: god knows where adenozin (encoder) is, and we have ep9-12 ready for HD release, so we will probably mux em with some other high quality encodes. Enjoy! [qIIq]_Bakemonogatari_-_15_[368p][vp6][9DA0A032].mkv Please drop by our irc channel, we have a high-speed xdcc bot for ya!

Tai (typesetter and lazyfag): We did 15 before 13 and 14 because it had fewest stuff to typeset.



Bakemonogatari full volume 3 released (by qIIq & THORA)

Hello guys, it’s been a long time.
Actually, I don’t believe this shit myself, but we released Bake volume 3!
But Adenozin seems to forgot TV-previews again, lol.
Use a torrent or check out our high-speed XDCC bot at our irc channel



Slow Post

The official website of the Bakemonogatari anime series has confirmed that the anime’s sixth and final Blu-ray/DVD volume has been delayed from March 24 to June 9 “due to production issues.” The delay for the volume with the last two anime episodes — including an episode that has yet to air or stream online — was previously noted by the retailer Sofmap.

(c) ANN



Bakemonogatari 12 Released!



UPD by Alva: zomg, we are faster then Koharubi now! i_dont_believe_this_shit.jpg



Bakemonogatari 11 Released!

torrent | DDL
First, I’m not drunk. Already.
Second, my head still hearts.
Third, polar bears are all over the city.
Forth, I’ve just seen our download counts for eps 9-10. WHAT THE FUCK. This world sucks, give me another globe!
Nobody needs me. Only my hug pillow loves me. I’m a horrible failure. I want to die.



Bakemonogatari full volume 2 released (by qIIq & THORA)

Thats why i don't like children. When you see such smile, you start to think which crime she just commited.

Thats why i don't like children. When you see such smile, you start to think which crime she just commited.

In case if somebody still cares, we finally managed to release volume 2, which can be found here

It contains:

  • ep3
  • ep4
  • ep5
  • commentary track ep3 (jpn)
  • commentary track ep4 (jpn)
  • commentary track ep5 (jpn)
  • OP2
  • TV-previews coming with vol3.



    Bakemonogatari Novel Translation

    Hello guys!
    A new project has been started: Kaien (怪苑). We are gonna translate NISIOISIN’s ~monogatari novels, 6 chapters of Bakemonogatari vol1 are already done. Btw, most of II-Subs staff are participating in this project…

    Coming to business, I would like to announce that all people who are interested in this project are welcome.
    We need:

    1. translators
    2. proofreaders
    3. quality checkers

    Everyone who want to participate should come to #bmgtl channel on rizon network.

    Also,  if anyone from baka-tsuki TL project is interested, how about making this a joint-project? First option is to merge our forces and translate Bakemonogatari 1-2 together. Second option is that we are finishing it, and you are doing Kizumonogatari, for example. There is no need to compete and waste TL resources: we all know how valuable they are.
    PS Don’t forget to visit our blog –!