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Bakemonogatari vol. 6 Released!!!


Final volume torrent includes:
– Episodes 14 and 15 (1080p)
– Audio commentaries for volume episodes (FLAC)
– Bakemonogatari official trailer (1080p)
– Creditless opening of 14th episode (1080p)
– Creditless ending of 15th episode (1080p)
– Scans, scans, scans

Yay, I can finally watch this show now.

UPD by roa-kun: volumes 4 – 6 are now avaliable via XDCC! Check out II|tsuntsun on our channel.
Well, apparently arutha went off business, which is a pity. So there is no more XDCC…

UPD2: I don’t know, how long it’s going to last, but here are DDL links for episodes (megaupload):
…and literally, no more megaupload.

It’s rather sad, I’m starting to feel like last man on the deck of a sinking ship. But torrents are still there, you know, the only problem being low amount of seeders.

There wasn’t any activity here for a long time, so, if anyone needs BD episodes of BMG, starting from 9, or bonus stuff, just contact me, let’s call it upload on demand.