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Bakemonogatari vol.4 Released!

It’s not like we’re subbing BMG for you! ⊙_⊕
Volume 4 torrent includes:
episode 09 (1080p)
episode 10 (1080p)
audio commentary for ep09
audio commentary for ep10
TV Preview for ep09 (1080p)
TV Preview for ep10 (1080p)
Creditless Nadeko OP [with hat] (1080p)
Creditless Nadeko OP [wthout hat] (1080p)

Volume 5 (eps 11-13) is coming soon.
Good fair job …just… good thing we’ve released it already, roa-kun.




Hello guys, it’s been a while!
Well, due to this and that im announcing a position of all-around release guy.
You should have fast enough internet for uploading stuff; a main thing to do is to ask everybody where the hell is —>insert the needed part here<---, muxing WATCHING and uploading releases.
I suppose 10 mbit/s should be enough, so lets call it a minimum required.

UPD by chapt: In short, we could have released 9-12 if only Adenozin from THORA was around. But he’s absent. We decided we’d release the eps with some other BD raws in the meanwhile, but due to Alva’s moving 12’000 km to another city he’s now browsing the net from his pocket calculator or something, and can no longer release things. Thus the request.

UPD by Alva: Thanks guys, position taken.